Furnishings are integral to design.

At David Moulton AIA, no plan is drawn without furniture, if only to confirm that what the client wants for each room will fit. One of our first inquiries is to ask a client how he or she uses a space. We want to know how people envision themselves in the space and what activities they anticipate. Our interior designs incorporate existing and new furniture as needed, lighting and accessories. This living room at The Sea Ranch takes full advantage of two, new window seats, custom-built for perched enjoyment of the wildlife and views of a crashing ocean. The hand-built central console of redwood that matches window trim throughout the house, holds a flat-screen television on a lift so that it can be lowered out of sight. A large, custom sectional offers a cozy place to curl up or entertain, and the dimpled teak coffee table from Indonesia provides a mellow landing spot for magazines and the occasional meal. The owner's collection of artwork and tchotchke add layers of personality and character.